Adobe Air Local Cache Loader that will save on the file system and then retrive it from there

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It is Adobe Air library written in AS3 for caching content (swf,images,data file) to the local file system.

The library is fully compatible with Loader / URLLoader/ NetStream and it try to be a very light weight version of the browser cache.

By using this class , the content (images/text and video) will be fetch from server once and save locally, Then every time that url will request again the library first check the file system to see if that file exsist on the file system and if so the libary will serve the local file.

As a result, it can reduce to the minmun communication with the server by requesting the same file over and over again.

The usage is exactly the same as Loader / URLLoader / NetStream. it's only requires 3 Lines of code.

    1. Specifying the application main cache directory.<br>
    2. Passing the  LocalCacheLoader, LocalCacheURLLoader, LocalCacheNetStream.
    3. Using the factory to create instances for those classes. <br>

p.s It is not obligatory to use a Factory class to generate the local loader classes.

Code Example

Let's look at an example even that it is quite easy to understand. File is in sample/main.as

// Setup cache Directory.
// Can be cached in the directory that you specify here .
LocalCacheSettings.WORKING_DIRECTORY = File.applicationDirectory;

// Please set the following: If AIR for Android, the AIR for iOS.
// LocalCacheSettings.WORKING_DIRECTORY = File.applicationStorageDirectory;

// Init Factory Class.
// Loader like normal will be used if you do not initialize the factory class .
NetClassFactory.initialize (LocalCacheLoader, LocalCacheURLLoader, LocalCacheNetStream);

/ Create Class.
// If true the second argument here , regardless of there without a cache that is stored in the local
// I will take the file from the Web always on .
_loader = NetClassFactory.createLoader (null, false);
 // I use normally after .
 _loader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener (Event.COMPLETE, _onComplete);
_loader.load (new URLRequest ("https://www.google.co.jp/images/srpr/logo11w.png"));

Help is needed!

For the NetStream loader it doesn't have the optimal solution it first save the file to local disc and then play. t will be perfect if it could buffer the stream and in end create file out of it.

Next version

Fork from https://github.com/sgmnt/LocalCacheLoader It has been fork mailly for translation resone (from japanis)